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What Educators Need to Know About Adverse Childhood Experiences

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Brain Damage. Obesity. Diabetes. Asthma. Depression. These are just a few of the chronic health problems that have been linked to childhood trauma through the research on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES).Brigid Collins Family Support Center hosted Maurene Stanton on May 7th to discuss just complex trauma and adverse childhood experiences mean fro educators and the children and families they teach.We know that when children experience trauma like neglect or abuse or domestic violence their brains are also damaged by the stress they suffer. What we often call "behavior issues" are often actually coping mechanisms for managing the chaos and fear they experience at home.In a time when teachers often report spending 50 of their time focused on behavioral needs of a few children, educators need tools to deal with the results of childhood trauma in addition to the current system. The skills needed to deal with these issues are critical not just for the children suffering trauma, but for all students deserving a quality education.Ms. Stanton holds a Bachelor's degree in English Education from WSU, a Master's degree in Special Education from CWU, and Administrative Certification from WWU. She has been a teacher and high school administrator for 26 years, serving 9 years as principal of Weston (Alternative) High School. During her 2 years as Prevention Director of the NWESD she took classes in Adverse Childhood Experiences from Rob Anda and Complex Trauma from WSU's Complex Trauma Training Network. She currently serves as principal of Lincoln Hill High School in the Stanwood-Camano School District.

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