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Thermodynamics and Chemical Dynamics 131C. Lecture 18. Equilibrium In Action.

Published by Admin in Chemical Thermodynamics

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Thermodynamics and Chemical Dynamics (Chem 131C) is part of OpenChem: video is part of a 27-lecture undergraduate-level course titled "Thermodynamics and Chemical Dynamics" taught at UC Irvine by Professor Reginald M. Penner.Recorded on May 14, 2012.Slide Information00:06 - Introduction - Equilibrium in Action00:21 - Good job on Quiz 501:19 - Today01:45 - the chemical potential of species...02:34 - ...think about this way "...Gibbs energy"03:33 - about μ, you should know...04:44 - now, before we go further, let's clear up a mystery...05:31 - Diagram06:36 - Diagram: This is the positive entropy of mixing - the reason equilibrium exists.07:39 - Consider this generic reaction ("extent of reaction...)08:07 - For example, if ΔΕ...08:30 - now, our plot of G versus reaction coordinate can be recast...08:48 - we define the slope of this plot at any value of E...09:47 - so under conditions of const. P and...10:54: so as a function of E...11:35 - ok, but we still have not learned any more about WHERE equilibrium is located...12:43 - we define a standard molar Gibbs free energy...13:41 - ok, now for every value...15:10 - In other words...15:45 - what does this mean?16:17 - ok, make sense. What about...17;36 - ...refresher on...("from Chem 1...")18:54 - returning to our plot, we can say...20:01 - example: A mixture of CO(g)...21:41 - Diagram: our reaction looks like this...24:10 - answer: 2) write an expression for...24:39 - answer: 3) Calculate K:25:29 - we know Q and K - what happens?25:47 - Calculate26:35 - ...means reaction, at this temperature and with this mix...27:28 - example: What if, instead of...28:26 - "we will make a little more adding more..."29:26 - example: Consider the following reaction...36:48 - answer39:58 - Henry Louis Le Chatelier (1850 - 1936)40:19 - (cont) "I let the discovery of the ammonia synthesis slip through my hands..."42:35 - the most influential persons of the 20th century?44:17 - where did fixed nitrogen come from before 1920?45:48 - Le Chatelier's Principle says, for example...that with an increase...47:22 - Example: Can we determine the relationship between...47:44 - answer: " we have to calculate the mole fraction of each of these two components..."For more information and access to courses, lectures, and teaching material, please visit the official UC Irvine OpenCourseWare website at:

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