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This House Believes there are no Freedom-Fighters, only Terrorists, The Cambridge Union Society

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Date recorded: 05/05/2011How will Osama Bin Laden be remembered? Is it ever right to fight for what you believe in? What distinguishes the Real IRA from the Libyan rebels? Speakers include an Iraq veteran, a top Russian diplomat, and some of the country's most respected Middle East experts.PROPOSITION:Colonel Tim Collins - Colonel Tim Collins is a former British Army Officer, and is currently CEO of the security services company New Century. Having grown up in Northern Ireland during The Troubles, he is now best known for his inspirational "Mark of Cain" speech given before the invasion of Iraq.HE Sergey Nalobin - Sergey Nalobin is a top Russian diplomat, and Head of their Bilateral Relations section at the embassy in London. His interest in this debate stems from the trouble which Russia has historically had with separatist movements, and more recently, the attack at Domodedovo airport.Dr Maha Azzam - Dr Maha Azzam is an Associate Fellow of Chatham House with expertise in Middle East politics and Islamic terrorism. She has published several papers on Al-Qaeda and political Islam, and has argued that lack of democracy in the Middle East has contributed to the rise in radicalism.OPPOSITION:Jon-Selous BorlaceFourth Year Chemistry Student at Selwyn College.Rod Thornton - Rod Thornton is a terrorism expert from Nottingham University, who formerly served in the British Army. He has been contracted to give expert advice to both the MoD and the US Department of Defence, and is a specialist in both British and Russian counter-terrorism.Matt HazelFirst Year Veterinary Student at St John's College. Ayes: 26Noes: 119Abstentions: 67

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