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Rick Roderick on Nietzsche and the Death of God [full length]

Published by Admin in Modern Philosophy

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This video is 4th in the 8-part series, Nietzsche and the Postmodern Condition (1991).Lecture notes:I. Nietzsche looks to see what type of person makes particular arguments or evaluations.II. Greek values are noble but naive.1. Active force prevails over reactive forces (things that stand over the human will).2. The active type is noted for its ability to forget.a. "Mirror historicism" involves people who wander idly through relics of the past.b. Memory is needed in Christianity for things like the redemption story.III. In Christian morality, reactive forces prevail over the active ones.A. Principles stand in the way of what you want.B. Christian achievements have always had some opposite perverse nature.C. The denial of power eroticizes the world in a brand new way.D. Sin is what Nietzsche thought was interesting about Christianity.E. The weak revenged themselves on the strong.F. In the Bible, the Devil introduces interpretation.G. Nietzsche does not deny the power of Christianity.H. Reactive forces endanger the species.I. Resentment and guilt are fundamental to the substructure of Christian discourse.IV. The spectre of nihilism:A. The aesthetic ideal expresses a will to nothingness (in the decadent period of Christianity).B. The problem in Christianity is not finding believers, but finding real people.V. Nietzsche's parable of the death of God:A. The parable talks about the drying up of a horizon of meaning and of a while form of human life.B. The parable from "The Gay Science" ("The Madmen") claims that we are responsible for God's death.C. How shall we comfort ourselves now?D. What are churches if not the tombs of God?For more information, see http://www.rickroderick.orgA philosophy podcast, The Partially Examined Life, held a detailed discussion of Nietzsche, which can be found here:

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