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Solutions for a sustainable future: Robert Costanza

Published by Admin in Public Policy

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Professor Robert Costanza gives this talk titled 'Solutions for a sustainable future' at Crawford School of Public Policy on 16 April 2013. A copy of the slides associated with this talk can be downloaded from this page: a sustainable and desirable future will require an integrated, systems level redesign of our socio--ecological regime and economic paradigm focused explicitly and directly on the goal of sustainable quality of life and well--being rather than the proxy of unlimited material growth. It will require the recognition and measurement of the contributions of natural and social capital to sustainable well--being. This transition, like all cultural transitions, will occur through an evolutionary process, but one that we, to a certain extent, can control and direct through the process of shared envisioning and the creation of both physical and computer models. Professor Costanza is an ANU Chair in Public Policy based at the Crawford School of Public Policy. His transdisciplinary research integrates the study of humans and the rest of nature to address research, policy and management issues at multiple time and space scales, from small watersheds to the global system. He is co-founder and past president of the International Society for Ecological Economics, and was chief editor of the society's journal, Ecological Economics from its inception in 1989 until 2002. He is also founding editor in chief of Solutions ( a unique hybrid academic/popular journal now housed at Crawford School. He has been named one of ISI's Highly Cited Researchers since 2004.

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