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Star Trek - Federation/DS9 VS Dominion Full Battle

Published by Admin in Classic TV

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DS9 VS Klingons! - is a fan made video from episodes: Call To Arms, Favor the Bold, Sacrifice Of Angels. This has been edited and shows the full battle between the federation and the dominion. Expand for more info.Shows the federation losing deep space nine to the dominion and later the USS defiant retaking deep space nine.USS Defiant (Federation WARSHIP, only one of its kind!)Commanded by either Captain Sisko or WorfOriginally designed to be able to take on borg cubes, the defiant was pulled out of storage when the dominion became a threat to the federation and assigned to DS9.Production Base: ASDB Integration Facility, Antares Fleet Yards, Antares IVType: Warship (unofficially); Escort (officially)Accommodation: 40 officers and crew; 150 personal evacuation limitPower Plant: One 1,500 plus Cochrane warp core feeding two nacelles; two impulse modulesDimensions: Length, 170.68 meters; beam, 134.11 meters; height: 30.1 metersMass: 355,000 metric tonnesPerformance: Warp 9.982 for 12 hoursArmament: 4 phaser cannons, at least 3 phaser emitters, at least 4 forward torpedo (photon and quantum torpedo) launchers, at least 2 aft torpedo launchersAblative armorThe Defiant was equipped with an ablative armor coating that was designed to disintegrate under enemy fire at a controlled rate. It dissipated the effects of directed energy weapons, decreasing damage to the main hull of the ship and therefore providing an extra layer of defense.Cloaking deviceA special amendment to the Treaty of Algeron allowed the USS Defiant to be fitted with a Romulan cloaking device, something no other federation ship had or was allowed.The cloak was only supposed to be authorized for use in the Gamma Quadrant; although Captain Sisko violated this provision on numerous occasions.Because of the amount of power the Defiant used, the cloak did not completely hide the ship from Jem'Hadar sensors during normal operation.

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