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The Importance of Cultural Diplomacy in the Middle Eastern Peace Process

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TVR, Channel 1Romania, May 23rd 2013When politicians seem unable to reach a solution, it is often time for scientists to present their vision. Scientists believe they can contribute to solutions to reconcile the main actors in the Middle East, an extremely provocative and sensitive region. On this principle, the conference "Levant, the Cradle of Cultural Diplomacy: Rediscovering the Mediterranean" began in Bucharest.Levant is an undefined area that covers much of the Middle East. The people of the region have much in common, not only geographical but also in terms of culture and shared history. Besides the economic, social, and environmental issues facing the region, armed conflicts have escalated in the area that could conceivably lead to the outbreak of a global war.The solution advocated by many scholars is the pursuit of peace through Cultural Diplomacy. They believe that religious values ​​and traditions can be factors that could assist to promote reconciliation between people and nations of the Middle East. The UN currently recognizes 30 armed conflicts around the world, of which the Middle East is considered the area most susceptible to violence.The conference "Levant, the Cradle of Cultural Diplomacy: Rediscovering the Mediterranean" held in Bucharest from the 23rd to 25th May, was organized by the Romanian Foundation for Democracy in partnership with the ICD, the Romanian Senate, the Chamber of Deputies, the Romanian Cultural Institute, and the University of Bucharest.Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy in the Levant(Bucharest, May 23rd-25th 2013)The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies - The Institute for Cultural DiplomacyCenter for Cultural Diplomacy Studies PublicationInstitute for Cultural

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