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Demographic transition in rural and urban China: Dr Annie Wei

Published by Admin in Public Policy

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Dr Annie Wei of the Crawford School of Public Policy gives this seminar titled Demographic transition and sectoral change in rural and urban China. This video was recorded at ANU on 19 March 2013.There are two distinct sets of literature that examine the impact of China's demographic change on its economic growth. The first focuses on the surge in the ratio of the working-age to non-working-age population, and the resulting 'demographic dividend'. The second examines how the transfer of rural surplus labour to urban areas have fuelled labour-intensive industrialisation. Dr Annie Wei will combine these two elements of demographic change in a provincial-level analysis of China's economic growth during the last three decades. In particular, she will examine the different contributions that heterogeneous rural and urban demographic transitions have played in provincial growth performance, and how these changes in rural and urban population age structures have interacted with sectoral change. This provides some clues about the relative importance of demographic transition and sectoral change in driving China's economic rise. Dr Annie Wei is a Lecturer at the Crawford School of Public Policy in the Australian National University. She earned her PhD in Economics at the University of Birmingham, UK. Dr Wei's expertise is on economic growth and demographic transition, labour migration, Lewisian dualistic economic development, human capital and total factor productivity growth. Her works are mainly applied with a special focus on the Chinese economy and economies in Asia. Dr Wei has published in the Journal of Comparative Economics, Annals of Regional Science, Asian Economic Papers, The Developing Economies and Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies. For more information on this event:

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