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Martin Luther King, Jr.- The Speech at Galilee

Published by Admin in Civil Rights

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how many of us in the church can say that we follow the true teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ when it comes to practicing forgiveness and love towards those who hurt us? this is a strong message that only by the Grace and Strength of God can we follow. I pray that our God will gather his people together... give us the strength to follow is commands concerning love and forgiveness. this speech expresses this teaching beautifully. Praise God!The Speech at GalileeThe first full length recorded speech byMartin Luther King, Jr.This speech of Dr. King was recorded August 14, 1958, at the Galilee Baptist Church in Shreveport, Louisiana by his good friend and colleague Dr. C.O. Simpkins (Simpkins was a Vice President in the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and a prominent Louisiana figure in the civil rights movement). Many recordings exist to document the civil rights movement in the 60's but little has survived from the formative years of the late fifties. This piece showcases Dr. King at his finest as he quotes from the bible, Shakespeare, Ghandi, and other elements and figures of history to drive home his message of equality for all people. The speech has the feel of a classic sermon, and in many respects it was just that. The Speech at Galilee is a huge contribution to U.S. history and should be in every civil rights collection in America.Filled with rare and special moments, the Galilee speech represents the FIRST KNOWN FULL LENGTH RECORDING of Martin Luther King, Jr., then an unknown 29 year-old Baptist preacher from Georgia with an inspired heart and a resonant voice. The recording contains many elements of King's future speeches including the famous "free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty we're free at last!" closing from his well known "I Have a Dream" speech from 1963...only this is five years earlier!

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