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Rick Roderick on Nietzsche on Knowledge and Belief [full length]

Published by Admin in Modern Philosophy

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This video is 6th in the 8-part lecture series Philosophy and Human Values (1990).Thanks to for making this available. I'm merely interested in redistributing to anyone who might enjoy and benefit.I. There are no water-tight distinctions between philosophy and politics.A. The priority of politics is marked even in the Greeks.B. These set the necessary conditions within which human beings can pursue things, such as a good life for themselves.C. There is a severe problem with the writings of Marx.1. He assumed that workers shaping and forming their own modes of work would not fall victim to the power of the state.2. The state would step in place of a capitalist class and exploit their labor.D. The process of a world becoming bureaucratically more complex and intrusive at the level of the state is a world phenomenon, and is not localizeable.II. Nietzsche was a critic of modernity.A. Nietzsche held the view that knowledge is a form of power, which was the subject of his most important book, From Where Do Distinctions Come?B. He speaks of the Greeks' understanding of virtue, vastly different from our own.1. They knew who and when to con.2. Excellence was multi-dimensional and honored a fully developed person, not a proficient functionary.C. He gives us a genealogy of our uses of words.D. Eternal problems change radically depending on where you happen to be in history.E. Knowledge, truth, and objectivity, good and bad, have conditions for possibility and these conditions change.III. Nietzsche criticizes Christianity.A. He suggests that Christianity inculcates us in bad reading.B. Superficially, beneath the Old Testament's doctrine of love and compassion is submerged a doctrine of resentment and hatred.C. He argues that love is meaningless without discrimination.D. He criticizes Christianity's distinction between earthly and carnal kinds of love.

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