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2009 TLHE Invited Lecture 2 : Learning Theories and Interdisciplinary Epistemologies

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SPEAKER :Professor Marcia Devlin (PhD)Chair in Higher Education ResearchDeakin University, AustraliaSYNOPSIS :Interdisciplinary teaching and learning in higher education incorporates multiple ways of knowing. As interdisciplinary pedagogies become increasingly important in a global knowledge economy, which learning theories best inform thinking and practice in these endeavours? This paper explores a range of theories and ideas about learning, including constructivism, situated learning, experiential learning and phenomenography, and their relevance to interdisciplinarity in higher education.About the SpeakerProfessor Marcia Devlin (PhD) is a higher education researcher and educational psychologist. She holds the inaugural Chair of Higher Education Research at Deakin University in Victoria, Australia. Marcia convenes the Higher Education Research Group at Deakin University and provides leadership in the scholarship of, and research into, teaching and learning across the university. Prior to her appointment at Deakin University in 2008, Marcia was Associate Professor and Director of the Teaching and Learning Unit in the Faculty of Economics and Commerce at the University of Melbourne.Marcias research involves both theoretical and practical investigations into contemporary higher education issues, trends, policies and practices. She is frequently invited to deliver national and international keynote addresses, and conduct workshops and seminars to provide policy and practice advice on a range of topics related to teaching, learning and quality in higher education.DATE :TIME :ORGANISER :

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