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Sexual Revolution: Virgins Until Marriage | Feminism Documentary

Published by Admin in Sexual Science

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Sex: The Revolution was a four-part 2008 American documentary miniseries that aired on VH1 and The Sundance Channel. It chronicled the rise of American interest in sexuality from the 1950s through the 1990s.Forever caught in the throes of a bitter culture war, the story the sexual revolution and its legacy is more than ever charged with moral controversy. Was it liberation and wild ecstasy? Moral degeneracy? AIDS? All of the above?In SEX: The Revolution, a four part documentary series, VH1 will boldly explore a time in American history that challenged centuries of traditional morality about sex. A time that eradicated people's fear, loathing and ignorance about sex. A time that promoted unprecedented sexual honesty and expression. And in the end, a time when laws were changed and rulings made to end censorship and legal retribution for people's private sexual behavior. It's a story of incredible styles, scenes, visionaries who pushed the envelope, movements, fanatics, charlatans--but also the story of the people of traditional values who felt threatened by it all, who condemned it, and launched a counter-revolution.The series begins in the stultified, sexually repressed America of the 1950s -- when kids were taught to "save it for marriage" -- and continues through the break out and rise of the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s. Along the way are Hef, Kinsey, Little Richard, Citizens for Decent Literature, Sex and the Single Girl, the Pill, Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll, Make Love Not War, Masters and Johnson, Sandstone, Swinging, Burn the Bra, Stonewall, Deep Throat, Forty Second Street, the Continental Baths, the Castro, Roe v. Wade, The Zipless You-Know-What, Plato's Retreat, Hustler, Herpes and Reagan -- and oh, so much more...SEX: The Revolution, produced by Perry Films in association with VH1 and Sundance Channel, will feature a rich, fast-paced inter-cutting of rare footage, classic clips, iconic music, and provocative, entertaining and very informative interviews with an astonishingly broad and eclectic spectrum of people. The storytellers will be the people who created the sexual revolution, lived it, wrote the books and music and made the films about it, and were shaped by it.Frankly examines a colorful and controversial chapter of modern American history, when individuals and events coalesced to challenge the moral orthodoxy surrounding sex and sexual behavior. Eros moved from the shadows into the sphere of public discussion as people sought to eradicate sexual ignorance, fear and loathing. Activism took root and laws were changed; traditional institutions and gender roles were questioned; pleasure was had, and so was profit. And as with any revolution, there were counter-forces seeking a return to the status quo. This is the story of the Sexual Revolution, and how it changed America.

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