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Thermodynamics and Chemical Dynamics 131C. Lecture 11. Midterm I Review.

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Thermodynamics and Chemical Dynamics (Chem 131C) is part of OpenChem: video is part of a 27-lecture undergraduate-level course titled "Thermodynamics and Chemical Dynamics" taught at UC Irvine by Professor Reginald M. Penner.Recorded on April 25, 2012.00:05 - Announcements00:28 - Midterm Exam00:52 - Partition Functions: Enjoy in any of Four Flavors...01:51 - Example: The NO molecule has a doubly degenerate...03:24 - Plot It:05:01 - ...(b) the electronic contribution to the molar internal energy...05:08 - Equations05:22 - More Equations05:38 - (Diagram) The electronic contribution to the molar internal energy...06:32 - Here's a midterm exam question from a couple of years ago.08:42 - Which equation(s) do I need?10:31 - If you are asked: calculate the fraction of molecules...10:48 - so what were we asked again? B. Now one mole of...12:06 - The equipartition theorem:13:33 - now you'll recall that the heat capacity...14:15 - Formula: the equipartition theorem tells us...14:17 - the equipartition theorem tells us that translation contributes...14:41 - Graph: the contribution of molecular translation...14:55 - Formula: ...this is also the heat capacity for all monoatomic gases16:01 - For a linear molecule:16:44 - Graph: translation + rotation16:53 - For nonlinear molecule:17:45 - ...well, let's go back to the classical Hamiltonian again.18:12 - so following through with the predictions of the equipartition...18:58 - Formula: in the specific case of a diatomic, we get:19:02 - Formula Graph:19:10 - Example: Use the equipartition theorem to estimate...20:05 - Too subjective, let's use this rule of thumb:For more information and access to courses, lectures, and teaching material, please visit the official UC Irvine OpenCourseWare website at:

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