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The New World Order in Bible Prophecy - Apocalyptic Power Preaching - Jon Courson

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Part sermon, part documentary: here is extensive proof that the Antichrist System of Biblical end-times prophecy is the New World Order - the global economic, political, and religious totalitarianism being imposed upon the world today. Conspiracy theories are pointless without acknowledging the religious component of the New World Order, which is the establishment of a New Age mysticism that accepts all religions except Christianity. While we remain distracted by talk of UFOs, terrorists, and martial law, the United Nations is transforming all of the worlds religions into one pagan mashup that is precisely what the Bible describes as the Antichrist religion. I used this sermon by Jon Courson as the context for presenting this documentary because he teaches Bible prophecy better than just about anyone else. We were warned by Christ and his disciples that Satan would use deception and seduction to achieve his ultimate goal - to be worshiped as Almighty God. It would take him thousands of years, but that's no time for an immortal being. He would use the same methods used since the Garden of Eden to coerce mankind into rebelling against God and turning to the fallen angels for the instant gratification they offer in terms of material wealth, knowledge and power (the forbidden fruit). God gave us the tools and laws necessary to avoid falling victim to Satan's indomitable will, but since Adam and Eve we have proven ourselves susceptible to his corrupting influence and no match for his evil genius without supernatural help from God through Christ and the Holy Spirit. Jesus warned, at the end of the Age, Satan will succeed in imposing the same imperial system he built in ancient Babylon (through Nebuchadnezzar) over the entire world - forcing all to bow down and worship his image as reflected in the Antichrist, and forcing all to partake in abominations that destroy the soul. Through false wonders (technology), Satan and his fallen angels would manipulate their human accomplices, those Godless souls who crave power and earthly things above all and who sign themselves over to become vessels for "the spirits," ultimately enthroning Satan as God of the world, occupying the body of the Antichrist, in Jerusalem for a short time Remarkably, in the past two decades, we have seen this system blossom before our eyes - "we" meaning born again Christians. The Holy Spirit, which is the gift that Christians receive for believing in the Son, protects us from the Great Deception and allows us to see Satan's plan in motion. This sermon given by Jon Courson in 1991 is the most remarkable example I have found that explains, step by step, how the New World Order will rise and become the Antichrist system. I have included facts and news stories showing how each step of the New World Order's evolution has progressed. At its core is the framework for a One World Religion that claims to be a "New Age" spiritualism but is in fact Luciferianism - the worship of Satan and his Fallen angels. The lie they are telling us today is the same lie they've been telling since the Garden: knowledge and immortality to man in exchange for rejection of God. No matter what you believe, you need to see how the New World Order mirrors the Antichrist system; you need to be aware that conspiracy theories, while interesting, are only a distraction from the real story, which is that the United Nations is establishing a One World Religion to go along with its One World Government and this religion is satanism disguised as paganism.

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