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Math History

  • 57:51 MathHistory14: Mechanics and curves

    MathHistory14: Mechanics and curves

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    The laws of motion as set out by Newton built upon work of Oresme, Galileo and others on dynamics, and the relations between distance, velocity and acceleration in trajectories. With Newton's laws and the calculus, a whole new arena of practical and theor

  • 1:07:16 MathHistory15: Complex numbers and algebra

    MathHistory15: Complex numbers and algebra

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    Complex numbers of the form a+bi are mostly introduced these days in the context of quadratic equations, but according to Stillwell cubic equations are closer to their historical roots. We show how the cubic equation formula of del Ferro, Tartaglia and Ca

  • 51:32 MathHistory16: Differential Geometry

    MathHistory16: Differential Geometry

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    Differential geometry arises from applying calculus and analytic geometry to curves and surfaces. This video begins with a discussion of planar curves and the work of C. Huygens on involutes and evolutes, and the related notions of curvature and osculatin

  • 55:48 MathHistory17: Topology

    MathHistory17: Topology

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    This video is the last in this series on the History of Mathematics, and gives a brief introduction to Topology. The subject goes back to Euler (as do so many things in modern mathematics) with his discovery of the Euler characteristic of a polyhedron, al


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