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Financial Management

  • 40:49 Financial Management - Lecture 01

    Financial Management - Lecture 01

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    finance, financial management, Brigham, CFO, financial decision, corporate finance, business finance, financial economics, financial markets, financial institutions, financial institutions, financial instruments, securities, financial assets, financial sy

  • 32:49 Financial Management - Lecture 02

    Financial Management - Lecture 02

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    Financial accounting, financial reports, financial statements, annual report, verbal section, verbal report, audit, balance sheet, financial position, assets, liabilities, income statement, profit/loss statement, income, profit, earnings, net income, net

  • 44:54 Financial Management - Lecture 03

    Financial Management - Lecture 03

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    residual claim, balance sheet equation, accounting equation, equity, equity capital, dividend, cash, petty cash, vault cash, demand deposit, cash equivalents, T-Bills, CD, negotiable, negotiable CD, foreign currency, short-term investments, accounts recei

  • 44:43 Financial Management - Lecture 04

    Financial Management - Lecture 04

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    long-term liabilities, long-term debt, long-term accrued liabilities, paid-in capital, contributed capital, working capital, net working capital, income statement, sales, net sales, revenues, operating costs, financing costs, government taxes, tax expense

  • 44:27 Financial Management - Lecture 05

    Financial Management - Lecture 05

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    cash flow statement, net cash flow, cash inflow, cash outflow, beginning balance, ending balance, cash flow summary, statement of retained earnings, statement of stockholder equity, paid-in capital, free cash flow, EBIT, NOPAT, after-tax profit, net worki

  • 34:19 Financial Management - Lecture 06

    Financial Management - Lecture 06

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    financial economics, financial system, financial markets, financial institutions, financial instruments, financial claims, financial assets, paper assets, securities, counterparty risk, stocks, equity, bonds, debt, fixed-income securities, currencies, sav

  • 38:56 Financial Management - Lecture 07

    Financial Management - Lecture 07

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    spot markets, futures market, money market, capital market, primary market, secondary market, private market, public market, physical asset market, financial asset market, debt market, fixed-income market, bond market, equity market, stock market, financi

  • 43:25 Financial Management - Lecture 08

    Financial Management - Lecture 08

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    negotiable, negotiable instrument, negotiable CD, CD, certificate of deposit, term security, time deposit, large denomination, bearer instrument, Reg Q, interest-rate ceiling, commercial paper, discount instrument, direct placement, credit line, line of c

  • 39:34 Financial Management - Lecture 09

    Financial Management - Lecture 09

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    capital markets, capital market instruments, treasury notes, treasury bonds, mortgage, mortgage loans, municipal bonds, corporate bonds, lease, capital lease, convertible bond, preferred stock, common stock, debt instruments, debt market, equity instrumen

  • 51:37 Financial Management - Lecture 10

    Financial Management - Lecture 10

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    financial institutions, investment banks, underwriting, trading, money management, sponsor, money management, wealth management, dealer, broker, broker-dealer, market-maker, commercial banks, depository institutions, commercial loans, mortgage loans, cons

  • 46:15 Financial Management - Lecture 11

    Financial Management - Lecture 11

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    pension fund, money-market mutual fund, check-writing, ETF, exchange-traded fund, closed-end fund, open-end fund, redemption, counterparty risk, sponsor, custodian, custodian risk, hedge funds, hedging, speculation, exotic instruments, private equity, pri

  • 30:31 Financial Management - Lecture 12

    Financial Management - Lecture 12

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    interest, interest rates, determinants of interest rates, capital, capital markets, long-term funding, financing, capital structure, wealth, equity capital, debt capital, long-term capital, cost of capital, cost of debt, cost of equity, sources of funds,

  • 41:38 Financial Management - Lecture 13

    Financial Management - Lecture 13

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    interest rates levels, nominal interest rates, determinants of interest rates, quoted interest rates, nominal interest rates, real interest rates,risk-free interest rates, real risk-free interest rates, nominal risk-free interest rates, quoted risk-free i

  • 42:54 Financial Management - Lecture 14

    Financial Management - Lecture 14

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    term structure, term structure of interest rates, risk structure, risk structure of interest rates, maturity structure of interest rates, term, term to maturity, yield, yield to maturity, yield curve, log scale, horizontal log scale, upward slope, upward-

  • 35:14 Financial Management - Lecture 15

    Financial Management - Lecture 15

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    strengthening economy, weakening economy, recessionary economy, interest rate forecasting, macroeconomic factors of interest rates: (1) monetary policy, (2) fiscal policy, budget deficits, borrowing needs, (3) capital flows, global interest rates, trade d


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