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    Academic Behemoths

    1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology — MIT has what many consider to be the most extensive open courseware collection in the country, it also happened to be the first from a major university. Covering subjects ranging from architecture and planning to humanities and science, this catalog has an amazing amount of information.
    2. Carnegie Mellon — This fantastic university has a rich tradition of academic excellence. With its “open learning initiative,” the goal to give everyone an opportunity to learn is certainly being met.
    3. Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health — Johns Hopkins is one of the premier institutions in the world. While their course offerings are limited to the health space, the sheer amount of knowledge and expertise available make this collection one of the best.
    4. Stanford University — Via iTunes, this prestigious university offers students a great number of courses to choose from.
    5. University of Notre Dame — ND is considered by many to be one of the best schools in the country, if not the world. With open courseware offerings in subjects such as history, English, and math, anyone can benefit from this fantastic school of knowledge.
    6. Duke Law Center for the Public Domain — Duke University is counted amongst the best schools in the South. If you’re interested in law, Duke’s open courseware in that subject area can go a long way towards helping you learn more about the justice system.

    Ivy League

    1. Harvard Medical School — Although its courses are restricted to the medical profession, they are a great resource for someone looking for Ivy League information. Harvard offers courses ranging from biological topics to medical and business topics.
    2. Princeton University Channel — This Ivy League school has an entire channel created around guest lectures. You can watch academic juggernaughts weigh in on various topics, from the contempory, to the mundane.
    3. Yale University — This wonderful Ivy League institution has a great number of ivy-quality open course classes available for all. Topics covered range from history and literature to math and science.

    Western Institutions

    1. UC Davis — Another University of California entry has a wide variety of courses in its extensive catalog. Some of the topics covered include science, engineering, and mathematics.
    2. University of Washington — UW is an excellent university based in the western United States. Course offerings cover subjects from science to math and English
    3. University of California, Irvine — Another University of California school with a great number of course offerings. Courses in everything from business to the biological sciences are available online.
    4. The University of California at Berkeley — UC Berkeley sports an exciting collection of webcasts that cover topics such as biology, computer science, economics, and much more.
    5. University of Utah — U Moodle (the name of this school’s open courseware collection) contains a huge amount of information. History, English, Teaching, and Pharmacotherapy are just a few of the many subjects covered in this collection.
    6. Utah State University — The course offerings of Utah State are wide ranged, with everything from first year Chinese to Cultural Anthropology covered. Students can benefit from this great institutions knowledge base.
    7. College of Eastern Utah — The motto for this Utah school is, “Together, we reach.” This could mean a lot of things, but primarily it means that with their open courseware offerings, they can help persons reach a new level of knowledge.
    8. Utah Valley State College — Yet another Utah-based school makes our list. Subjects covered here include accounting, biology, English, and engineering.


    1. Tufts University — Based in Boston, Massachusetts, this well-regarded institution offers a plethora of open courseware. Topics covered include, agricultural studies, biological studies, genetics, and much more.
    2. University of Massachusetts, Boston — UMass, Boston offers open courseware for a range of subjects including biology, mathematics, and nursing.
    3. Boston College Front Row — Boston College is an excellent institution with a rich history. To this end, its podcast lecture offerings are an excellent resource for a large amount of far-reaching topics.
    4. Classics Podcasts: Haverford College — If you are interested in the classics, and you don’t mind listening to Podcasts, then Haverford College’s offerings are the perfect solution for you. You can learn about classic literature while you are on the go.

    Midwestern Institutions

    1. University of Michigan — Michigan is widely regarded as one of the best “Public Ivys” and so its open courseware offerings should be highly regarded as well.
    2. Purdue University — Interested persons can certainly benefit from the wide variety of topics covered in these course offerings.
    3. Kutztown University of Pennsylvania — You may not have heard about Kutztown, but it’s a fantastic town with a fantastic university. Its open courseware offerings are focused heavily on business. In this rough economic climate, it’s good to have more knowledge than your competitors.
    4. Michigan State University — The Spartans have joined the growing open courseware initiative. Michigan State offers many different courses in a range of topics that are fantastic for someone interested in learning more about important academic areas.

    United Kingdom

    1. Oxford University Text Archive — Oxford University is one of the oldest, most respected, universities in all of England. The sheer age of Oxford, and its resources, makes this text archive a fantastic academic temple for interested persons.
    2. Greshem College — This UK-based college has a solid open courseware offering when it comes to music. Europe is where some of the most influential music in history was created, so utilizing a European school’s resources is clearly a wise decision.
    3. Glasgow University — This UK-based university has several course offerings in the arts. For students interested in an international perspective, it’s definitely a good start.
    4. University of Surrey — Another UK based university offering an extensive course catalog, with a focus on English and the Classics.
    5. University of Nottingham — This university has a rich history, and it’s open courseware offerings reflect that history. Benefitting from these offerings is excellent for anyone interested in them.
    6. Cambridge University Podcasts — Cambridge University is one of the premier institutions in the world. To this end, its podcast offerings make its wealth of information available to persons all around the world, which is of course, a great thing.


    1. University of Tokyo — One of the top universities in Japan has joined the ever-growing sect of schools with open courseware offerings. The University of Tokyo offers online lectures covering everything from business to psychology.
    2. University of Southern Queensland — This highly-regarded Australian university offers a variety of free courses in subjects including, technology, general science, and more.
    3. Universidad Nacional De Colombia — Although this web site is entirely in Spanish, it still has plenty of great information to offer. You may just need someone to translate for you.
    4. University of Hong Kong Architecture Courses — Another international entry to our list is the University of Hong Kong. Since this course offering is solely focused on architecture, it is definitely one of the single best place to go for solid, and free, information about the field.
    5. United Nations University — You may have never heard of this school, but its open courseware offerings are the stuff of legends. Some of the subjects covered include electronic governance, and biodiversity.

    Purely Online

    1. Wikiversity — Wikiversity is a wide-reaching project designed to provide a plethora of open courseware information to persons around the world. This open courseware covers almost every topic imaginable, and is growing.
    2. The Open University — This university’s sole purpose is to provide students with free information and study materials online. With this in mind, persons are encouraged to learn at their own pace and form independent study groups via forums.
    3. Western Governors University — WGU has a significant online course offering in the area of Liberal Arts. The value of a liberal arts education is still significant, so taking advantage of these course offerings is an excellent decision.
    4. Trump University — If you are interested in learning more about Business and Entrepreneurship, then this courseware collection is perfect for you.
    5. Capilano College — Although this college is not as well known outside of an open courseware setting, it still has fantastic stores of information for anyone interested in learning more without having to pay traditional brick and mortar fees.
    6. News University — If you are interested in the press, or writing in general, then open courseware offerings from this university are worth a look.
    7. E-zine University — E-zine University’s focus is providing persons with free and easily understood information about writing. If you’re interested in becoming published, than this is a fantastic resource.

    Less Known, Equally Useful

    1. Delft University of Technology — Although this university is not as well known as some of the others on this list, its courseware offerings in the subject of technology are excellent for someone looking to learn more about everything from engineering to programming.
    2. Weber State University — If you’re interested in learning more about English, health, and automotive mechanics, than check out some of these fantastic courses offered by WSU.
    3. Monterey Institute for Technology and Education — Monterey California is sunny and beautiful, so it’s no mystery that a sunny and beautiful technology education could be offered in open courseware form from a school based there.
    4. VTC University — VTC University has an excellent offering of courses on technology. Specifically, computer software training, and basic programming for persons just beginning to get into the tech space.
    5. Berklee Shares — For those who are interested in music, Berklee Shares has a great amount of resources for free that can help you learn how to play an instrument, or improve your talents in something you’re already playing.
    6. Western Kentucky University — WKU has a variety of free podcasts about many different academic topics. You can listen to interesting lectures about history and mathematics while you’re on the go.
    7. Wheelock College — This college is rather small, and unknown, but its resources are unparalleled. It’s open courseware catalog includes a huge amount of information of use to many.
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